Washington Business Group has proudly played a role in some of the most interesting construction projects in and around the District of Columbia. Here is a sample of some of our projects with a brief description of our contributions to their success. We urge you to come back often and see what we have been up to lately.

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GSA-Office of the Secretary of Defense

GSA sought a small business contractor to provide an innovative approach using state of the art programming tools to develop a DOD Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Program of Requirements.

Program of requirements The desired services included the following scope of work tasks.

• Task One: Project Orientation
• Task Two: Space Situation Assessment
• Task Three: Client Requirements Assessment
• Task Four: Gap Analysis
• Task Five: Workplace Recommendations Report

The scope of work consisted of approximately (25) organizations, currently located in about (30) locations throughout the Washington DC metro area. Scope Phase I included all MACRO level tasks. In order to complete this scope of work, WBG:

  • Prepared a profile of the DOD OSD components as they relate to existing operations.
  • Prepared preliminary report for stakeholder presentation.

Scope Phase II completed the Program of Requirements (POR). The POR reflected recommended client requirements that are assisting GSA in the development of the SFO requirements which are used in the leasing process. In order to complete this task, WBG has:

  • Developed a future spatial needs statement and prototypical standards for a new, facility or facilities based on the analysis of gaps between existing and preferred space situations.
  • Provided performance specifications and cost estimates that support the DOD OSD components' and GSA’s pursuit in leasing a new facility or facilities in the future.

The WBG team facilitated an Initial Strategy Session with representatives from the DOD OSD, WHS/SPAD and GSA. The purpose of this session was to introduce the WBG project team, identify key client stakeholders, confirm scope of work, and review goals and objectives. The WBG team was provided with DOD 1450 documents for each component organization included in the scope of work.

WBG met with all organization components to determine if the existing 1450 data sheets, containing data on personnel, unit equipment, support space (office type space), special space (above base building requirements unique to specific organizations), and storage space (space requiring warehouse structure and finishes) were valid. WBG analyzed all the 1450 data and confirmed with every organization component and determined any necessary revisions Many of the 1450 data sheets were completed more than one year prior and missions for some of the components had changed.

WBG requested updates to the initial 1450 data provided and as required, conducted on site surveys to validate the 1450 data. A significant portion of the components required follow up surveys and new 1450 data sheets. After validating the 1450 data, WBG translated the raw 1450 data without circulation into a program of requirements to support the desired leasing prospectus.