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Social Responsibility

Doing the Right Thing in the Right Way.

The WGB values

In today’s world and in the present economy, competition has never been tougher. The need to move fast and to do whatever it takes, so often is seen as the only way to survive. We believe, however, that in these circumstances, the need for honesty, integrity, and a commitment to provide outstanding value has never been greater. Under any conditions, there is only one way to truly succeed; one way to truly thrive; and that is by doing the right thing in the right way.

The WGB Culture

To thrive in the 21st century, not only must buildings become healthier and more sustainable, but so must companies, communities, and families. When Dinesh Sharma started WGB, he not only envisioned building better structures for people to live and work in—he also desired to improve the social and physical infrastructure around them, because buildings are intertwined with their communities.

And if buildings are part of their communities then the companies who inhabit the buildings are as well. Sharma believed that success should be measured not only by what a company achieves, but by how it achieves it. And since its founding, the culture at WBG has been a holistic one. We believe that a company’s health is not measured only by its profit margin but by how it treats its employees, and how it interacts with clients, partners, neighbors, and the community. We balance hard work and high performance with conscientious and thoughtful development and growth, as individuals and as a company.

We seek extremely skilled people and reward good work. The WBG family does not just go the extra mile—we go as far as we need to go to satisfy our customers. We show our employees the same respect we show our clients. Our employee retention rate is high; our turnover is low. The WBG family is not only passionate about the quality of our services; we are passionate about service itself. At WBG, we foster hands-on involvement, not just with our billable projects, but also with our neighbors and our nonprofit efforts. We encourage our clients to build greener, more sustainable structures; we choose environmentally conscious vendors and partners whenever possible; and in our offices, we continually improve and increase our efforts to recycle, use sustainable products, and eliminate wasteful and non-viable practices.


WBG is passionate about designing, constructing, and maintaining structurally sound, visually pleasing, eco-friendly buildings. Staying on top of trends and innovations is key to the company culture. Building structures to last and operating on the principle that WBG is here to stay, learning better and more economically viable ways to build just makes sense. It’s better for business and its better for the world. So when it comes to the latest, most cost effective environmental and sustainable products and processes, WBG leads the pack. Their completed projects prove that they fully understand the complex relationship between technology and buildings. Combining bricks, mortar, and technology is what WBG does best.

The WBG Community

A stone’s throw away from many of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful institutions and corporations—yet light years away in prosperity—our location on Martin Luther King Boulevard is in the heart of DC’s culturally diverse Southeast. The District of Columbia plays host for the United States and much of the nation’s wealth flows through the city. Trillions of dollars will be dispersed from DC in 2012, but it will not trickle down to the residents of our capital. At WBG, we recognize this disparity and we are firmly committed to sharing prosperity and giving back to the community that serves us. Writing a check for a local charity or hosting an annual event is just not enough. As a DC Certified Business Enterprise (CBE), we create jobs in the DC metro area, hire local minority contractors whenever possible, and contribute to the DC tax base. We mentor a local minority-owned enterprise, donate to local charities to uplift the community and eliminate homelessness, and we participate in community volunteering and sponsorships. With our headquarters in the heart of the city, we support local businesses on daily basis. We also assist the DC government revitalization efforts by developing small to mid size real estate projects in local depressed areas.