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Procurement Management

WBG has a wealth of experience providing the resources to manage procurement contracts. We work with each client to understand the complete regulations and the contract options available to procure goods and services. We can support the client in planning and managing the solicitation phase, proposal comparison and assessment phase, assist in assessing and comparing final offers, and assist with contract execution. During the period of the contract we have the resources to confirm the completion of submittals, provide both factory and storage observation, confirm the completeness of deliveries, and track and coordinate deliverables with overall project schedule parameters to assure that goods and services are on site, ready for installation, and installed and commissioned on schedule. As is the case with almost every aspect of the project management process, it is essential and imperative that the WBG project management team and or the project management team leader implement an effective and succinct plan when it comes to the various components of procurement throughout the project’s life cycle. Specifically speaking, the procurement management plan refers to the plan that has been put into place that is meant to dictate and describe the entirety of the procurement process and how it is means to relate to and with the developing procurement documentation, and how contract closure will relate to all. The procurement management plan should be implemented and developed as early in the project life cycle as possible to assure that, to the extent possible, the procurement process is consistent throughout, however, in some cases, the plan may be altered once the project begins, particularly if budgetary reasons dictate. Project Procurement Management being part of the project management process in which products or services are acquired or purchased from outside the existing employee base (which would work on the project) in order to complete the task or project. There are essentially two different types of procurements, one in which the company is responsible for the particular product or service under a legal contract, this PPM includes contract management responsibilities that issue specific tasks to various team members.