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Development Services

We help our Clients Make the Right Choices in property Development.

Regardless of project type or scope, every decision made in the development process affects the quality, schedule, budget and future profitability of the development. The planning, design, and construction decisions will impact property performance for decades. It is critical that owners of properties work with qualified and experienced professionals.

Choose WBG, we Know the Landscape

Whether it is a land to develop, a new building, redeveloping an existing facility or a rehab project, working with Washington Business Group means tapping the resources of a company that has created successful, environmental friendly developments for itself and its partners since 1999.

Our clients turn to us because our Development Services Group works with them long before the architect starts the design and keeps working until the tenants move in.

· We provide access to seasoned resources. Our professional staff includes registered architects, engineers, asset managers and experts in all types of property construction, with an average of 20 years of experience.

· We have a full-service philosophy. We can participate in a development in any manner required. We have the resources to purchase and develop for our own account and the creativity to structure mutually rewarding joint ventures to meet the risk/return requirements of our partners. We also provide development consulting to help clients develop their own land.

· We are accountable – We have been in business for greater than a decade and we know that our reputation is at stake each time we undertake a project.