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GSA Branch Chief
“I am very pleased to say that I have been very impressed with the company’s professionalism time and time again. WBG brings sound understanding of the federal work environment and dependability to GSA.”…. “Not only does WBG offer a wide array of services, but at an affordable rate.”…. With a history of such high quality services, anyone would be elated to work with WBG. I would highly recommend WBG to any federal agency and private entity.”
Acting Director GSA
“Washington Business Group has been an outstanding source of quality service throughout the years”…”The employees at WBG are dedicated to exceeding the GSA’s expectations, as well as timeliness in task completion.” “ GSA has been fortunate to have such a company working with us.”
Director GSA
“Your Knowledge of their needs, the value proposition to GSA and the many technical intricacies involved is truly impressive and serves us beyond what we could expect.”
Federal Government Contracting Officer
“I would not hesitate to hire Dinesh and WBG to work on future projects.” “I strongly recommend Dinesh and Washington Business Group for the future IDIQ contract.”
Contracting Office/ Project Manager GSA
“The vast construction knowledge and good sound judgment of the WBG staff, was integral in resolving the governments concerns.”… I believe this is a definite example of a project success story! Washington Business Group is to be commended for its work and dedication”.
Project Manager GSA
“I wanted you to know that because of your expertise and help with this the government saved a considerable amount of money!”… ”This Equates to a SAVINGS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of $3.5 Million”
Sr. Contracting Officer GSA
“Over the years Washington Business Group has always furnished GSA with quality employees who have earned the trust and high regard of the in-house project team. This was exceedingly important because we have relied heavily on their expertise… we would not hesitate to utilize their [Washington Business Group] services in the future or recommend Washington Business Group to others.”
“WBG provided an exceptionally detailed Program of Requirements for the Department of Defense. Incorporating the requirements of twenty four different groups required tremendous amount of planning and coordination. This Program of Requirements will be the benchmark in projecting each group’s future requirements. I recommend Washington Business Group with utmost confidence.”