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Cost Estimating

We at Washington Business Group understand that accurate and comprehensive cost estimating is essential to controlling costs throughout the process of any program or project. It is imperative that precise assessments of costs will aid in making informed and spot-on decisions at each and every stage of a project.  WBG’s Cost Estimating services will provide premium expertise required and the essential resources necessary to support with budgeting from:
  • Early stages of planning
  • Tracking costs impacts during design,
  • Vetting proposed contract changes that affect cost
  • Study of phased delivery options
  • Track market forces that affect design and strategy decisions
WBG has the experience and knowledge to provide accurate cost guidance on all soft costs such as professional fees, permits, and management, as well as hard costs such as construction and equipment.  Our capability to provide comprehensive cost controls is an important management tool for our clients and can be implemented no matter which project delivery method is chosen.
  • Design-bid-build
  • Construction Management at risk
  • Design-build
  • Multiple contract awards
As our satisfied list of past clients will attest, cost estimating services provided by Washington Business Group will deliver confidence and peace of mind that all contingencies have been considered and each and every detail accounted for.  We will deploy our most appropriate teams to match your project while utilizing the latest and best suited estimating software.