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Construction Administration

WBG understands all aspects of the construction for capital projects and has the resources to provide the level of technical and management expertise to suit client needs and the project scope no matter what scale the project is. The construction phase is often the most challenging for clients because even minor misunderstandings between the many parties can affect the schedule and lead to increased hard or soft costs. Our staff has supported projects from all sides of the table and understands the culture and motivation of the differing parties. The best approach is to head off issues before they occur through thorough coordination and follow through during the design and bidding phases. As misunderstands can still occur during construction, the best methods for addressing these are open and direct communication, timely follow through on all issues that arise during the process, and encouraging innovation and team solutions. WBG encourages and can facilitate bringing the parties to work-through sessions where all stakeholders can clearly define the issues they face to the other parties, openly and professionally discuss resolutions, and document and track the agreed solution quickly and completely. It is in this phase that most of the work happens. There is a lot of activity with many vendors working simultaneously. During this phase, WBG will represent the tenant at the weekly job meetings and providing overall project direction and leadership. The following is a list of some of the services we offer to manage this process:

  • Weekly Job Meeting Documentation
  • Construction Observation and Site Visits
  • Progress Reporting
  • Change Order Review and Negotiation
  • Payment Requisition Auditing
  • Budget Tracking
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Furniture and Equipment Reuse and Purchase
  • Voice and Data Coordination
  • Construction Punchlist Management
  • Contract Negotiation to Include: Furniture, Security, Telephone, Cabling, Signage and Other Contracts