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Washington Business Group has found that the rate of business and regulatory changes today require the best talent and skills available to best respond to changing client needs. WBG always works to deliver a unique suite of services for each client ranging from long term support and continuing roles to shorter term project based solutions. WBG maintains a full spectrum of resources and has a proven track record of delivering consistent and measurable results every time. Our entire approach is based on our clients. We have found that every client and every project is unique yet proven methods and sound planning are core aspects of our practice and the result of our long established levels of experience and training throughout our team. WBG is comprehensive in the breadth of services we offer because we have found the combination of services is best tailored to suit each and every project and client. We have a track record of success because our culture includes embracing change while applying both current best practices and the knowledge gained from carefully listening to each client on every project. Our proven culture of responsiveness and effectiveness is available to supporting continued and future growth. Capital projects are the mainstay of many long term WBG clients but for other clients capital projects are a one-time or occasional challenge. In both scenarios WBG is well suited to deliver. Long term clients with continuing programs require institutional continuity, thorough management, detailed follow through, and a culture fostering continuing improvement. Short term, project based client services are more focused on a rapid ramp-up and adaption to client and project needs as well careful project close out documentation. In both cases attention to high level and long term client strategy, comprehensive project specifics, and to both user and facility management priorities are factored in.