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Construction Management

From the preliminary design phase through project closeout, Washington Business Group's Construction Management team works closely and tirelessly to meet project objectives, ensuring a smooth communication process to keep our clients posted and to deliver a successful project. WBG construction manager are skilled, experienced and trained professionals in all aspects of construction administration and management, including coordinating work with architects, identifying the right contractors and subcontractors and manages budget and schedules to ensure on-budget and on-time delivery of the project.

WBG construction managers possess diverse experience in both new construction and renovations for base building projects and tenant build-outs. Recognizing that construction cost is the most significant line item in the development pro-forma, WBG Construction Management team brings a knowledgeable perspective to every project, discerning opportunities to streamline production, accelerate schedules, improve constructability, and enhance overall building quality. The team maintains a detailed historic cost database for internal reference, is proficient in tracking construction cost trends, and maintains strong working relationships with the general contracting community.

We at WBG believe that anyone can measure whether a project gets completed when promised. It takes a more careful look to recognize the management expertise it takes to make it happen without compromising quality, cost or service. WBG brings the skill, experience and dedication needed to make project a success story.