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Diversity Commitment

Just as our many clients do, Washington Business Group has a firm and long standing commitment to fostering diversity at all levels. We pursue and support the same diversity values and methodologies as our clients which include our core belief that diversity in the workplace succeeds when it is both comprehensive and driven to high measures of achievement. Considerations regarding race, gender, ethnic group, age, working style, organizational role, seniority, and background are as key to our success as performance, education, and experience.

WBG headquarters are located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue in South-East D.C., Over 80% of our sub-contractors are minority or women owned businesses, and we regularly participate in small business and personal mentoring efforts.

WBG works with our clients to define and embrace all diversity goals. We have in fact found that diversification has been an integral part of our business model and the success of WBG. Our diversity commitment has steered us to greater levels of innovation, responsiveness, and motivation. Our efforts at inclusion have been especially successful thanks to our partnering efforts with numerous other contractors who have now become established in their own right and are thriving on their own.