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Resident Engineering

Many projects, especially large ones, require technical support on behalf of the client at the construction site for part or all of the construction phase. Washington Business Group will capably provide experience and expertise in any and all engineering disciplines as required by any particular project to support the client needs and requirements. Civil Engineers will provide support to clients on projects with: complex site work, extensive shoring, major dewatering measures, or complex waterproofing and sub-drainage. Structural Engineers can be provided to support clients on projects with: complex structural systems and major delegated systems such as bridges, winter gardens, air support Teflon roofs, double walled or screened facades or shoring and restoring large amounts of facade work. Mechanical Engineers are available to support clients on projects with: large atriums and smoke management systems, micro-turbine or cogenerations plants, chilled beams, renewable power generation, central plants, major air and filtration systems such as at laboratories or high risk facilities. Electrical Engineers are available to provide support to clients on projects with complex electrical systems such as: data centers, UPS and backup generator facilities, switch and transformer yards, micro-turbine or cogenerations plants, and extensive light controls such as at theaters. Fire Protection Engineers can be provided to support clients on projects with large atriums, complex alarmed and sprinkler zoned projects, pre-action and deluge fire suppression systems, VESDA, and other advanced smoke and fire detection systems. In addition: Architects, Interior Designers, and other equipment specialists are also available as required by a particular project or requested by the client.