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Smart & Green

Our mission is to make your facility or home less costly to operate.

A Smart & Green facility is advanced building automation and integration to measure, monitor, control, and optimize building operations and maintenance. Hence creating an environment that is comfortable, reliable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, green and sustainable. Ultimately making facilities less costly to operate.

Efficient energy management is the quickest, most environmentally friendly way to make facilities less costly to operate. In a typical facility, due to inefficient design, poorly functioning equipment and outdated technology, 20% to 35% of the energy used and paid for is waste.

We help our customers manage their facilities energy consumption, improve reliability, enhance performance and reduce overall building carbon footprint. Progressive energy-saving technologies and equipment are constantly under development. WBG professionals are at the forefront of these emerging technologies and methods.

Our professionals are well-versed in innovative, energy-saving facility improvements and system retrofits. Through energy information tools such as energy audits, utility bill management, and metering and load profiling, our energy professionals will perform an evaluation to ascertain if your facility is using its resources effectively and efficiently. If needed, we will design, build, maintain and continually monitor your facility’s energy infrastructure to maximize operational efficiency while reducing operating costs.