At the Washington Business Group, we are committed to making the DC Metropolitan Area a better place to live and work, one building, and one community at a time. We save taxpayers money by offering our federal clients the highest quality, most cost-effective construction management services in the area. And, of course, we do the same for our private sector clients and nonprofits—large and small. Here at WBG, we have smarts, but we also have hearts. Just because we are achieving our goals and doing well, doesn’t mean we should not strive to be a better company today than we were yesterday. When the going is good, the good start giving. Located in the heart of the district, we are proud to give back to our local community. We love the city we’re in. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or come by and discuss your next project with us. But be warned—once you work with us, you’ll probably never want to work with anyone else. Yeah, we’re that kind of company.

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Construction Quality Management Services

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The future home of the "Wheeler Renaissance" on the corner of Wheeler Road and Barnaby Street in...

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For this project, WBG surveyed the building and its floor plans inspecting its existing conditions.

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Washington Business Group provided construction management services for the class 3 historic...

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